Sunday, June 28, 2015

One Last Breather

It has now officially been a full week and a day since I arrived at Cornell University and to say that it has been an adventure would be an understatement.  Whether it was the plethora of new exciting characters that I have met, the seemingly never-ending campus, the countless hours of exercise or the always exciting Debate and Rhetoric class, this first week has been one heck of an adventure.  Yesterday, I was able to regroup and recharge for the first time in a long time.  Today, I got right back on a limited working schedule while creating time for friends and myself.  

I woke up around 8:30 to the delightful sound of an iPhone alarm, which snatched me straight from Dream Land and back into the real world.  The reason I was up early was because Stephen invited me and Gaby to go running around nine in the morning.  I called and texted Stephen, but he wasn't responding.  I figured that he was knocked out, otherwise, he would have responded.  I checked my Snapchat and I got a picture from Stephen, dated at 2:55 in the morning.  The picture showcased his desk and the caption: "Finally finished studying."  Yup, he was definitely going to be sleeping for a while.  I texted Gaby, who was sane enough to get some sleep, and we agreed to go running together, unfortunately minus the sleeping beauty that was Stephen.

We met up around 9:20 and proceeded to lightly jog from the campus to College Town.  We arrived relatively fast, so we decided to jog around the town for a little bit to see what was around.  While jogging, we talked about where we wanted to go to college, how we were both a little homesick, and what we missed about our homes.  After about 25 minutes of running, we stopped at College Town Bagels, devoured some grub, then walked back to our dorms.

Pho is perfect for rainy weather
I checked the time and it was around 10:30, meaning I still had the whole day to myself to do whatever was plausible.  I took this time to do a multitude of different activities;  I started off by studying a couple chapters out of my textbook, then proceeded to catch up on Netflix's new releases, specifically comedies.  I did one or the other continuously and before I realized it, the day was nearly gone.  At 6:30, Stephen and I headed back to the Vietnamese restaurant we went to the night before.  The same waiter from last night served us and asked where was our dad.  We were both a little confused, but then we realized he was referring to Mr. Chan-Law, who accompanied us last night.  Stephen and I laughed at the waiter's comment and told him that Mr. Chan-Law was actually our chaperone from the San Francisco Bay Area.  I told Mr. Chan-Law what had occurred and he said, "I don't look that old."  Following the dinner, Stephen accompanied Mr. Chan-Law and Shanti and I headed back to my room, where I worked on my art assignment and studied until I decided to retire for the night.  

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