Monday, June 15, 2015

Time Really Flies

It has been an adventure starting from a few months ago to now. From the multiple events, such as the interview, the school board meeting, and the orientation, I never knew this day would come by so quick. I didn't think how the hours turn into days, and the days turn into weeks; for me to be where I am now, packing. Packing has not been as stressful as my previous year because I realize that I wouldn't be needing everything in my closet. I have done my best to trim down my pile of clothing, items, and the like into a neat stack which has fit into my suitcase. Hopefully I will be able to fit everything in my suitcase, with extra room for souvenirs. In addition, I am hoping to have a good night's sleep; but I have a feeling that I will have too much adrenaline and anxiety for this trip. As I am packing for this trip, I am contemplating all of the events that will be happening when I go. The meetings with the alums from the different universities, along with the college experience, I know that it will be life-changing. I can't wait to be arriving at El Cerrito High School at 3:50 AM tomorrow, and be at the airport waiting for our plane to arrive. 

Bringing My Buddie Along.
But before I leaving, I celebrated with my friend, and a fellow ILCer, Chiamaka Nwadike. She planned a "surprise party" just a couple hours ago with cider and cake. It was exciting to see her at my house, but at the swimming pool first. She arrived around 5 PM at my house to find me not there and at the swimming pool. It was delightful for her to come over and to have a nice conversation about our trips and our excitement for what will be in store for us. As she left my house, I realized how many hours I still have left, and how time really does fly. 

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