Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Time to Get Down with Business!

Now that I am in my second day of being in this class. I have gotten used to a daily regimen. I wake up, get ready, then eat break fast. Later I walk to class, stay in class for around six hours, then get dinner. From there, I come back to my room and study. Although having a daily regimen seems boring, my day is actually full of fun activities and new material.

I don't know about the other classes.. but my class is pretty
legit... WE HAVE OUR OWN SIGN!!!
Today in class, I was a bit more comfortable being around the class. What I mean by this is that I was comfortable to ask more questions, ask for help, and be more involved in class. We started off in class with a simple lecture. This lecture was about standardization and quality control in a hotel. Standardization is when hotel chains all have the same equipment in every hotel to give the quest the same experience. Quality control is making sure that these hotels are meeting their standards. Mr. McCarthy stressed the importance of effectiveness and productivity. Since Mr. McCarthy was teaching this segment of the class, it was very extremely entertaining and interesting as well! 

Later on we went to the computer lab. This was my favorite part of the day because I really challenged my skill of learning quickly in a hands on activity. This part of the class, made me question "Do I really know how to use Microsoft Word?" Guess what? I didn't. At the computer lab, we learned how to correctly use Microsoft Word! It turns out Microsoft has such a well thought out system with so many functions and features. For example when creating a document with a signature line, users are not to put twenty-five underscore lines in consecutive order. This is something I would do, but users are actually suppose to use the tab function, adjust the margin measurement, then press the tab button. I was so amazed by how wrong I was using Microsoft Word. I'm talking about the program that I've been using since the third grade! Well I was extremely relieved to know that I am better equipped to use it correctly!

Everyone getting ready for the next lecture!
After that, we had another lecture. This lecture was about the basic structure of the Hotel Business. This included knowing the three basic structure which were real estate, brand, and management. I was able to apply this to other businesses other than hotel companies because most store go under either one or more of those structures. This was by far the most interesting lecture we've had (even though its only been two days). We explored the more financial and economic aspect in the Hotel Industry. I was interested in learning this because most people don't understand that managing any company doesn't only involve knowing the skills to be a great leader but there is a whole financial aspect that needs to be understood before one can be a successful manager.

What I learned in today's lessons were a set of skills that were more than useful and but necessary to my future life of a college student. I came into this class wanting to learn what it takes to manage a hotel, but instead I got more knowledge and skills than I expected. I know this class will make me a better student and a better business women.  


  1. That must really suck to travel clear across the country only to get up and work all day and half the night. Just wait till the weekend comes and see if you get any kind of break. And you thought this would be an easy peezy trip to New York. Welcome to the real world, Shanti. Now you find your stamina and character truly tested. And in a couple of weeks you'll look yourself in the mirror to see someone you may not recognize. Thank goodness the ILC recognized your potential when the panelists selected you to represent the ILC and your community. Go get 'em, Shanti. Show them what you're made of.

  2. Don, to be honest, I wouldn't be able to take on this class without the Ivy League. This class is really changing the way I look at business. In addition, even if its catered to hotels, I get the honor of applying it to other businesses. I've only been in the class for two days and I've already learned so much about the market, real estate, and franchises. I am ready to give this class my all. I am more than ready to show them who I am and what I can do!