Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Goodbye My Dear, Hercules

The "Final Countdown" is over. The moment that I have been anticipating anxiously has finally come. Being the last day to prepare, I thought I was going to be a total chaotic disaster but it wasn't as bad as I thought.

Since I am to wake up early in Tuesday, before the crack of dawn, I decided I would get a lot more sleep in the morning because I knew I wouldn't be able to rest in the final hours of being home. But like most plans there are always unexpected things that occur that interfere with the plans. Instead of sleeping till noon, I was alarmingly awakened by my parents to drop them off to work. Since my elder sister was delayed in the morning by traffic, she didn't make it in time to drop them off.

I wasn't keen on the idea since both my parents' work distance is an hour commute from one place to another. But nonetheless, I woke up, got ready, and dropped them off. When I came home three hours later, I was exhausted. But gladly my sister made it home to take me to Target for some quick last minute shopping. Then we rushed home, for me to pack up the rest of my things. As I checked over my luggage for the fourth time, I felt as if I was unprepared for the trip. I kept on think "Did I pack the correct things?" and "What if I brought the wrong type of clothing?" These thoughts would circle around my head forcing me to recheck all my clothing and things for the fifth time. But even after the eleventh time I was still unsure. Instead of checking for the sixth time, I zipped up my bags and went on with my day.

Earlier this week I made plans with my friends to take a hike. The hike wasn't anything too strenuous but it did get our hearts pumping. The hike was this trail on a hill and although it was a very steep hill, we made it to the top. As I stood there staring down at my home, Hercules, I couldn't help but think this was the best way to spend my last day.

Gazing off to the distance, I realized why I felt so unprepared. Everyone feels a little unprepared when they leave their home. I've been living in this small town for almost all my life, therefore I am deeply familiar with the Bay Area. No matter how much I prepare for this trip I will never fully understand the East Coast and how it is like I do with the West Coast. This realization made me realize my need for this opportunity. It replenished me with confidence and hope that this trip will be the best because I will learn so much about the East Coast. Like a bullfighter, I am ready to take this journey by the horns. 

"Goodbye Hercules... I'll see you later"

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