Sunday, June 28, 2015

"Three" Hours of Office Hours

As planned, I woke up to the beautiful ringing of my alarm clock. I quickly got ready and rushed to RPCC for breakfast. Due to wanting to work on my PowerPoint as soon as possible, I hastily ate my food.

 I met up with my group in the computer lab at 12:00 P.M. With only three hours to prepare before office hours, we got as much information and practiced as efficiently as we could. By 3:00, we were sitting practicing our scripts in Statler Hall. After group criticism, we fixed and added anything necessary. 4:00 was our scheduled practice presentation time. 

As we walked into the room, we were greeted by our TA, Oren. He happily told us where to stand and asked us to begin. Brittney was our first speaker. From the group's eyes, we thought she did an amazing job. However, Oren critiqued and positively criticized her. He opened our eyes to a lot of missing details that were needed. Next up was Alex, then me, again we received the same helpful feedback. 

The delicious beef pho 
What felt like five minutes was a complete hour. As we exited, the clock read five. Luckily, we ended right when the pizza arrived. The entire class took a 30 minute break and enjoyed the yummy pizza from Mark. Thanks Mark! However, once the pizza was gone, so was the fun. My group and I immediately began making all the changes Oren had given us. 

Even though office hours ended at 6:00, my group and I decided to stay extra long in order to get our parts perfect. By 7:00, we agreed to get split up and have dinner and meet back up in the computer labs at 9:00. The dinner break was needed. I met up with Justice and we both walked to a Vietnamese pho shop. The dinner was amazing. We even made friends with our waiter and were able to tell our story of being sent to Ithaca thanks to the Ivy League Connection. 

Afterwards, we headed back to the dorms. Before I could even settle in, I realized that it was time to meet back up with my group. We met up as planned and were able to finish and print out our slides. My night was not over. I met up with my friend Nick and we practiced our presentations to one another. We went down to nightly check-in and said our good byes. PowerPoint, check. Practicing presentation, check. Blog, check. Sleep, blank. Looks like I am headed to bed. Wish me luck for my presentation tomorrow!

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