Monday, June 22, 2015

Longer Days and More Work

As always, I awoke to the ringing of my alarm clock. However, this time I awoke at 6:00 A.M. Earlier than usual, what usually takes me 10 minutes to get ready took me exactly 36 minutes. After a relaxing, easy going breakfast, I headed down to Statler Hall with my new friend Nick Liu.

Arriving 20 minutes early, or on time according to Mr. and Mrs. McCarthy, we had plenty of time to locate our seats and mingle. This is where my long day began. After a brief introduction of the syllabus and background information on each instructor, the class split up into two groups, A and B. I  was in group A so we were instructed to find a partner and share ideas and background information about yourself. Once all info has been shared, the class, a pair at a time, went to the front and presented information on their partner.

Trillium dining hall

A hour and a half later, groups A and B switched classes. Now group A was instructed to describe themselves in a memo format. This task took more work, but it was quickly finished by the class. Lunch break followed and we all went to Trillium to eat. With $10.10 on my ID card, I ordered a spicy beef burrito. Not bad for cafeteria food.

With only a hour lunch break, everyone met back in Statler Hall, room 396 at 12:45. As we began our next lecture, everyone settled in and focused their attention back on the instructors. The second half of the day consisted of constant lectures being given on the specific chains of hotels. Near the end of class, a total of four assignments were given. Luckily, we had a 2 hour office hour period to complete our work. Being focused paid off, because I was able to complete all 4 assignments with 20 minutes to kill.

I ate dinner fairly quickly. Afterwards, I met up with Justice and we played frisbee. A few minutes later, we were joined by Thao and Helen. After about a hour of exercise, I headed back to the dorms and took a cool shower. Today felt very long and it drained a lot of energy out of me. Having 7 extra hours of class than the rest of the Summer College programs can be unfair, but everyone knows it will be well worth it. However, for day 1 in class, it was not too bad. 20 more days!

Green grass area that frisbee, volleyball, and football is played

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