Monday, June 15, 2015

Just like Ordering a Burger

A few months ago, my friends took me down to a burger joint in downtown Berkeley. Being residents in the area, they knew the best diners. The waiter came by and I boldly ordered the original burger. Although the menu describes the burger as a scrumptious combination of cheese, lettuce, tomato and a pickle on the side, I was not sure what to expect. That's the feeling I'm getting right now-- uncertain, but eager.

The wait until this point has been a roller coaster of feelings. During the final week of class, my imagination roamed about the grand buildings and endless pastures of the East Coast. I spent the next week off visiting old friends and congratulating graduating seniors. As each day drew nearer, doubts filled my head. Don and our alums have given us an extensive preview of what to expect but my head filled with dubious questions. What if I can't handle the course? What if it gets too hot or cold over there? What if I miss an episode of Carmilla?

I spent my weekend packing, picking out the luggage and choosing my attire. The process was hectic. Clothes covered every inch of my room, remaining school papers spread across my desk, plastic bottles and wires covered the remainder. My family would pour more items in, recommending the blue blouse over the white or offering an extra bottle of shampoo. 

Aside from my grandma sizzling vegetables on the stove, the house is static today. The books have been read, the bags have been packed and the electronics have been charged. I'm waiting for that burger right now. The gruesome days of eyeing the calendar are over; the flight is only hours away. Although there's still a lot up in the air, I won't back down if I find out there's an uninvited onion. East Coast, here I come!
All set to go!

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