Saturday, June 27, 2015

Relax? Never

Planning on sleeping in until 11:00 A.M would not be possible. Exactly at 9:30, my phone begins to ring. Half awake, I answered the phone. It was Thao asking if I would like to join the cohort in going to College Town. Sleep or catch up time with cohort? Since I the entire ILC group is rarely seen together due to erratic schedules, I decided to join them.

Neighborhood front gates
Arriving under the arches of South Balch at 10:00, I said my hellos to my cohort and their friends. By the time we returned, they were my friends too. Together, we walked down to College Town and everyone split up to get their morning breakfast or lunch. Due to being really hungry, Joe and I went to Subway and ordered a foot long. As we walked back to our dorms, everyone carried different bags, from Subway plastic bags to Dunkin Donut's paper bags

The moment I stepped back onto North Campus, my phone exploded with text messages from my Hotel Management group. We need to meet up. When are you guys free? Lets meet in the computer labs. As fast as I could, I responded and we agreed to meet up in the computer labs around two. In the mean time, I focused on my part of the PowerPoint presentation.

2:00 came sooner than I expected and I hurried to meet my group. Buzz. I looked and at my phone to see that my group decided to meet at three instead. Since I had already put everything away, I decided to call up Joe and Justice to play a little basketball. Again we lost, but it is the fact that we had a really great time in such a short amount of time. 

Sunset walking back from College Town
After our basketball game, I showered up and walked to the RPCC computer labs. Being the first one to arrive, I set up our PowerPoint and saved a total of three seats. By 3:15 P.M everyone had arrived and we were hard at work. For the next four hours, my group and I efficiently created all of our slides and got all of the content, including pictures, onto the PowerPoint. 

Around 7, we decided to take a dinner break. At this point, I met up with my chaperone, Chan-Law, and the rest of the cohort and we discussed about any new news. Afterwards, Justice and I walked back to College Town to catch a bite, slushies, and cookies. By 9:15 P.M, I was back in the computer lab working with my group again.

As ten rolled around, my group began heading back to their dorms. However, I stayed behind and polished up our slides. By 11 o'clock, staff had to notify everyone that the computer lab was closing. Still determined to complete our project, I continued to diligently work in my dorm. Taking only one break for the nightly check-in, our project is nearly finished. Currently it is 1:15 A.M and I will try my best to get all 15 slides complete.

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  1. I got a big smile on my face when I read how you sacrificed your snooze time for time with your cohort and made new friends in the process. ANd then when I read about your HM group getting together I found another smile.

    This is what the ILC is all about, Stephen. Thanks for sharing.