Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Exploring the Campus

Cornell's Football Field
I woke up around eight in the morning to a rainy, overcast sky.  I was confused for a second, because I had just woken up, then I remember that I was in New York.  As a Bay Area native, I will probably never get accustomed to rain in the summer, or rain anytime for that matter.  I woke up too late to go through my entire running routine so I reserved it for later and went to the RPCC to eat and review my notes from the day before.  Pretty mundane and without any fanfare.  I continued to study until around 12:00, then I head out for class.

A mini-waterfall
At class, the structure of the session was fairly similar to that of yesterday.  First, we went over the three exercises of breathing, the vocal warm-up exercise, and the "Twenty dwarves took turn doing handstands on the carpet" phrase.  We then got into a review of the session yesterday, touched on a bit of philosophy, went into the book, and then went into a debate on the subject of whether or not violence is a legitimate political tool.

Following the class, I walked back to my dorm, put on my athletic clothes, and went for a run around the campus.  During the run, I made sure to explore more of what the campus than on the run the day before.  I crossed the bridge and went out towards the football field.  Upon entering the football field, I climbed to the top of the home bleachers and got a fantastic view of not only the field, but of parts of the university.  On the way back, I made my way towards part of the campus that I didn't not know and was able to view some of the beautiful features of the college.  After the run, the rest of the day was pretty simple.  I showed, ate, played a little frisbee, then retreated to my dorm to study until heading to sleep.  

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