Thursday, June 25, 2015

Another Day in the Classroom

I got front row seats in the classroom today. My team mate Sarah got us seats this morning at 8. Even though I arrived at the class fifteen minutes after, the room was already full of students. Class started at 8:30 but apparently some students arrive at the classroom as early as 7:30. It really shows how competitive Cornell students can get.

Dangerous gorges
Everything moved along the same way today. We learned how to create an effective PowerPoint presentation and communicate with peers for effective teamwork. Other than education, there wasn't anything new.

However, an interesting scene did occur on my walk to dinner this evening. Katie and Natalie were sharing the perks and downfalls of attending an all-girls school. In the midst of Natalie's explanation about how Jessica would talk on the phone about Betty, Katie stopped in her tracks and pointed at the bridge. Up ahead were the blaring lights of a police car on the Thurston Avenue Bridge. As we approached the crosswalk, the police cars pulled out of the area. It didn’t end there. During dinner, someone announced that a firetruck was stationed right outside of our dorms, and on my walk back, I noticed the Cornell Health car stationed outside of the RPCC building. There hasn’t been an e-mail updating us about the incident.

But besides the blue and red lights whaling around campus, today was just another regular day.

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  1. Yes, I understand why the suicide nets are there but it sure spoils the grandeur of the image.