Tuesday, June 23, 2015

It Can Be Done

I feel like every new day, I wake up earlier and earlier. Today my alarm clock went off at 5:50 AM. In order to get an early morning jog in, shower, and eat breakfast, waking up as early as I did was needed. Jogging for about a hour took a lot of energy out of me. Not only was it cold, it began raining and thundering. What a great way to start off my morning.

After engulfing my food and a quick shower, I walked in the rain all the way to Statler Hall. Luckily, I brought my umbrella. As I walked into the lecture hall, I looked around for my group. My group was not there. Trying not to panic, I texted my group. Luckily, both showed up with a few minutes to spare.

We began with a quiz on homework readings from yesterday. Afterwards, we broke up into groups and separated into two different classes. My group, A, learned how to use the software program CHESS. Lunch followed and group A went into the computer lab. In the lab, we learned some extensive shortcuts and tools on Microsoft Word 2013.  Today was not going as bad as I thought.

My team to the right, Alex and Brittney. (Brittney is hidden)
With both classes back in the main lecture hall, we began another lecture. However, this time we learned about the hotel economy, their different brands, and much more. With time winding down, we were dismissed and told to be back for office hours at 4 P.M.

Just like yesterday, all 80 students split up into the four computer labs. Being in the computer labs had the benefits of being in a room filled with the latest technology. Even though the computers are a little old, the software is still updated to the latest version.

With office hours lasting a full two hours, my team and I were able to complete all our work within class. Class was dismissed nine minutes early, yet I stayed behind to wait for a couple friends. Not knowing whether to eat or shower, I went to visit my good friend Thao and Helen. Helen was at her soccer club camp, while Thao was watching her. After standing in the hot and humid weather, I decided to go get some food from the RPCC. In the cafe I ran into my cohort and previous roommate, Justice. As we caught up, I inhaled all three plates of my food. Finally, I was satisfied.

June 23rd homework assignments
We did not call it good night then.  Instead, we got our daily one hour exercise and played frisbee. As always, more and more Summer College kids joined and left. Once 8 o'clock passed, we called it and headed back to our dorm rooms.

Even though my night with my friends was over, my night was just beginning. Still needing to study for tomorrow's quiz and needing to blog, I quickly showered and began. For the rest of the night, I studied and went over all the lectures for the day. Also, I ended my night by going to night check-in and completing my blog. 

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