Thursday, June 25, 2015

Reading, Studying, and More Studying

Class today involved Professor Gilovich teaching us about intuition and reasoning. It was an interesting topic in our new air conditioned room. We learned about how we use our "gut" feeling to determine a majority of our decisions, and not our reasoning. We tend to use our intuition because it is automatic, and quicker than our rational thinking skills. For instance, if I had to offer you a car, an S.U.V. or a sports car, which car would you think will be the safest. The S.U.V., because of it's height, and size in comparison to the small sports car. But in reality, the sports car is the safest one to drive because it is easier to maneuver a small car than it is with a big car, yet people still feel "safer" in the S.U.V. 

We then went to our sections to do a review with our T.A.s. At the review, Steve was giving us examples and topics that we should look out for tomorrow's quiz. The quiz is five questions, but there are multiple sub questions. He summarized the topics, answered any questions, and allowed us to help each other out. We also discussed the two articles that we read yesterday about framing and intuition. At the end of the class, I went to eat lunch and head toward my dorm.
Reese is Studying

At the study hall at the dormitory, Lucy and I were studying for the quiz. We looked through our notes, and the power points to refresh our minds of the topics mentioned a few days ago. When 3 o'clock came, Reese substituted Lucy, and started studying for the exam. After a few hours, I went to eat dinner with Helen. She kept texting me to eat with her, and when I finally agreed, I realized how much time I do have to eat. Ten minutes, I had ten minutes to eat. I ate two hot dogs, two rolls of sushi, and ice cream. A pretty quick meal, if I say so myself. She had ultimate frisbee today, so I walked her over there with Reese and Justice. I stayed for a bit, watching the group of teens throw and catch frisbees. It was fun having individuals call each other out and throw the flying disc at them. Afterwards, the RCAs separated the group into four teams of seven people. Next, the game started but I left because I needed to review my notes and because of the bugs. I have a lot of bug bites on my arms and my legs, that's not exciting.

I studied at Mary Donlon with Lucy, waiting for Reese to come and join the group. Hopefully this quiz will not be too hard for me. Now it's just, reading, studying, and studying. 

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  1. Here’s something for your argument: While the sports car may maneuver quicker and with more agility, does that really make it safer? The nature of the larger and stouter SUV is that even in an accident, you may be safer inside that tank than you would be inside of the smaller and more easily crushable sports car.

    Is safety determined by the ability to avoid a crash or survive the crash?