Friday, June 26, 2015

Swim-Basket-Toga Day

Friday! Finally! Today I was able to sleep in and not be late. Eating at the same breakfast table as usual was Nick, Joe, Reese, and I. As our meal continued, more of our friends joined us. Eventually, both Nick and I had to head to class in order to get the front of class seats. 

Being the first ones in class was a great benefit. We were able to save tables in the very front of class for our groups. However, today our early bird action did not matter, as Mark and Reneta, our professors, split all the classes into four computer labs. Due to a major presentation project due Monday, the whole day was dedicated to work, work, work. My group and I, Group 8A, completed the design template of our PowerPoint and got the main context onto it. With the usual one hour lunch break at 11:30, Nick and I ate at the amazing Trillium cafe. Upon our return back to class, we dove straight back into our presentation. 

Since today was Friday, our class let out at 3:30 P.M. With the words "Relax on Friday and Saturday!" coming from Mark while exiting the class, I took his words literal. However, tomorrow, my group and I have decided to polish up and complete our project tomorrow. 

Indoor basketball with our new friends
With the luxury of getting out so early, I decided to call up my cohort and friends to play volleyball and frisbee. Afterwards, we headed to the free swim occasion happening in the Helen Newman hall. With a quick shower, everyone met up at the RPCC cafe and ate a hefty meal. With the clock only reading 6:45, Joe, Justice and I went to the Helen Newman center again and played basketball. We played two full games. Sadly we lost both of them due to a large size differentiation. The opposing team stood two heads taller than Justice and I, but only one head taller than Joe. By the time our second game began, Helen, Thao, Shanti, and Mel had arrived to cheer us on. Thanks guys! 

The beautiful sunset
After the courts, our group split up and I met up with Nick again. For the rest of the night, I worked on my presentation while he polished his. However, by 10:00 P.M, we decided to take a break and check out the Toga party happening in the Mary Donlon lobby. Wow was this different. The majority of the students on the dance floor were dressed as Roman, toga dressed folks. Since we had to get back to work, we only stayed for roughly 30 minutes. When night check-in rolled around, we said our Good Nights and headed back to our dorm rooms. Today was an amazing day. It was mixed with fun, studying, and hard work. 

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