Sunday, June 21, 2015

A Scavenger Hunt For Sleep

As always, I awoke to the beautiful chime of my annoying alarm clock. Today I was able to wake up at 8:00 A.M, but still only got 5 hours of sleep. However, my hunger for food was more important than sleeping, so I quickly got ready and met up with Shanti, Helen, Thao, and Frank at the RPCC dining hall.

RPCC breakfast buffet

Breakfast went quickly and before we knew it, we were playing frisbee on the front lawn. However, Shanti decided to go back to her room to do Hotel Management homework, while Thao left to get some more sleep. Throughout this time period, I jumped back and forth between a group of friends playing football and a group of friends playing frisbee. A hour and a half of exercise was enough for me, as the sun and heat was getting to me. 

As I was returning to my dorm, I ran into Justice. Both Justice and I went over to the RPCC building and chilled in the AC lounge area awaiting for Chan-Law to take us on another Target run. However, due to the cohort having different times for the beginning of our Summer College event, Scavenger Hunt, we decided to go on a Target run after everyone finished. While relaxing in the lounge, my friend Gaby found us and we got to catch up and learn a little more about one another.

Josh, our RCA in a baby blue shirt, leading the tour for our group
With Justice and my Scavenger Hunt beginning later than everyone else, 1:15, we went back into our dorms to write our Room Description and began blogging. While working, my roommate Matt walked in and relaxed with us. 1:15 came sooner than expected and we went to meet up in the 6th floor lounge room. With only 13 students, sign-in was easy and we began our tour. Along the way, we passed by anti-riot dorms, gorges, bridges, and libraries. Cornell's campus was much bigger than I expected. Also, the architecture was old but stylish, which I enjoyed. The tour ended at North Balch, where we joined a game of Community with the girls staying in North Balch. Our tour would have continued, but due to heavy rain, the Scavenger Hunt was cancelled. However, in my opinion it gave me a chance to catch up on my school work. 

One of many gorges and waterfalls at Cornell

Returning a hour early let me get the Room Description completed for Don, begin my blog, and start reading my 60 page homework assignment for Hotel Management. After a good hour of working, I remembered it was Father's Day and I made a phone call to my dad and grandfather. This was the highlight of my day, because deep inside I miss my family and friends and hearing their voices makes me feel closer to them. 

5 o'clock rolled around and Justice knocked on my door ready to eat back in RPCC. With our tour being in the middle of the day, both of us skipped out on lunch. We had a quick meal at RPCC and got back to work in my dorm room. Eventually, I finished the 60 page reading and got to continue writing my blog for the day. Before we knew it, it was 10. Justice headed back to his room and I stayed up for nightly check-in before I hit the hay.

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