Thursday, June 25, 2015

Study Day, but Still a Fun Day

7:20! Wow, I actually slept in for once. With class just starting in a hour, I raced to the bathroom and got ready. After saying bye to my roommate, I ran up the stairs to the RPCC dining hall and grabbed two bananas and two oranges. As I left to class, I ran into my friend Nick. Together we chatted and leisurely strolled to class while studying for our quiz.

Hotel Management students chatting about SAT scores
As always, both my group and I sat in the back of class due to not being able to beat all the early birds for the good seats. However, we were able to listen and comprehend the material just as well. After a quick game of two truths and a lie with groups 3A and 7B, we took our quiz. The quiz was not too bad. I completed the quiz with only one question wrong. Once we were dismissed for our 15 minute break, talk about student's SAT scores erupted. I got 2200! I got 1900! I got 1200...

As soon as break began, break ended and we delved into our first lecture of the day. This lecture covered material on how to write proper business memos and how to match hotels with their financial statements. With so much material being covered, the lecture felt very quick, and we were off to lunch. Lunchtime was in the same cafe, Trillium. Today, I visited the burrito shop again and ordered a buffalo chicken burrito. Oh my, that was a good burrito.

We returned to class right on the dot of 12:30 P.M and began our second lecture of the day. This time we covered the gaming program CHESS and how to operate it. Due to time limitations, the class split up, pushing me into the computer lab. In the computer lab, Mark instructed us on how to use PowerPoint the correct way. He was able to show the class really cool tricks using animations, master slides, and more.
My front row seat for lecture 2
Since Group A was already in the computer lab, we remained here for office hours. For the next two hours, we ferociously pounded on the keyboard, finishing up our CHESS memo assignment.

However, once we completed that assignment, we began our group project. Even though it is not due until Monday, my group of three including me, wanted to get a head start. After dinner at RPCC, my group and I met up in the RPCC lounge to get the basic structure of our PowerPoint together. Today there was no free time to play in the courtyard, or any time to surf the Internet. Today was a day dedicated to completing and getting ahead with all my work.

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  1. Tell me it ain’t so, Stephen--an ILCer sitting in the back of the classroom with all of the slackers? What can we do to correct this horrible faux pas?