Friday, June 26, 2015

Roman Night

I knew today was going to be a good day. My morning began leisurely, rousing to the hum of my alarm at 7:30. On a regular day, I would have panicked and bolted out the door, but this was a Friday. I took my time getting out of bed. Class would start at nine today, giving me an extra thirty minutes to prepare for the day. The extra half an hour was enough time to work on my business memo in the bin lab and make it to class on time.

After reviewing the schedule for Sunday and Monday and the primary areas of focus during a presentation, everyone entered the bin lab in their corresponding groups. I was honestly hesitant about my group at first. Two were from Brook land and another from China, two worlds I am completely unfamiliar with. It turns out, we managed to find common ground. The four of us efficiently worked on our PowerPoint Presentation. On top of this, we shared laughs as Mark came by our table three times with a bag of candy upon Sarah's request. Who would have thought people from so far could be so close.

After making good progress in our power point presentation, our group was released at 3:30, two hours and a half earlier than our usual release time. Everyone exited the classroom, skipping and cheering on their way out the door. Stephen and I made our way back to the dorms to pick up Thao for our game of frisbee. On our way, we stopped by the third floor of South Balch to hit a few ping-pong balls and smash on the piano. Soon after, our cohort met up in a grassy field to chat and play.

The highlight of the night was just around the corner. I returned to my room where a crowd had already gathered. Maddie was lazing off at our extra bed while Elana and Daniela wandered into our room. During our dinner gathering, we discussed the plans for the evening. The great question was still up in the air: togas or nogas?

Despite being in the Hotel and Management course with me, Katie is a great persuader. In the end, the two of us took out our bed sheets, and with the help of Elana the great, we were able to dress up fashionably for the dance. 

It turns out, a lot of people were dressed in their bed sheets as well. I expected only a handful of students to partake in the silly deed of draping makeshift bedding equipment over their shoulders, but there were a lot of bed sheets that night. On my way down the hall, I bumped into a bunch of students who were also finely dressed in their bedding.
Rocking the bed sheets with the dorm mates.
I returned from the dance at around ten. Although the daytime was amazing, the night did not lose the positive momentum. For the first time in a while, I could sleep in.

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