Monday, June 15, 2015

Ready For Our 21 Hour Day

Tomorrow morning at 3:50 A.M, I will be standing at El Cerrito High School along with my cohort, family, and Don. After a quick overview of our itinerary, parent signatures, and good byes, the month long trip will begin.

It feels like yesterday when Don visited my high school to introduce the program. Now in a couple of hours I will be on the airplane taking off to our first destination, Atlanta. All the preparation and hard work was just the beginning of our real challenges and adventures. 

Being away from home for roughly a month will be fun, exciting, and new. Having the chance to meet people from all around the world is one of many reasons why I am excited. With no parents to yell and tell you what to do for a whole month seems fun right? In my opinion, the thought of being away from home so long makes a little bit nervous. I will also miss all my friends and family during my trip. However, it is not like I will be completely alone for the entire trip. My chaperone and cohort will be with me the entire time. Also, I plan on making many friends along the way.

Now that my 42 pound suitcase is packed, carry-on bag is stuffed, and my personal knick-knacks have been accounted for, it is now time to go to sleep early and rest up as much as I can. 
Black carry-on bag, red check-in bag, and scale used to get the 42 lbs

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