Monday, June 1, 2015

National Don Day Once Again!!

Preview to Our Hawaiian Themed Photoshoot
Just a year ago from this day, Hercules High School's tradition of representing the dazzling Don with Aloha shirts and shorts. We, the Hercules ILCers like to show our appreciation to the man who has provided the backbone for the Ivy League Connection with a special day. 

This special day is the orientation where all ILCers and one parent attend the mandatory event filled with detailed information about loaner items, and our summer schedule. It was a day full of information and I felt glad to be able to spend it with my fellow ILCers. 

The last group meeting before our departure started around 6 PM tonight, with a short delay. Don gave an opening to the meeting which consisted of more information about out trip. After his thirty minute talk, we were all separated into classrooms to further discuss our summer plan. Alfredo Chan-Law gave a rough draft about our first five college tour days and any possible trips we will be taking; such as Niagara Falls or Seneca Falls. The itinerary did not have explicit times of our events and our hotels, but Mr. Chan-Law was going to decide more plans to our days once the hotels and times are figured out. At the end of it all, we went back to the giant room where we were originally present and finalized any last comments, concerns, and questions. I was able to keep a mental note of what to bring with me when packing, and what not to bring. Like Don, and Mr. Chan-Law, I wanted to pack really light for the trip, and I didn't want to bring anything unnecessary or would not be used on a daily. As we wrap up the national orientation day, I am here to provide some of my favorite pictures of the evening. 

More beautiful photos. 
The Fighting Crew United!
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