Monday, June 1, 2015

The Time Has Come

Ironically, our last meeting where everyone was going to be together was orientation. However, to the ILCers, it was more than an orientation. Today's meeting was to emphasize the fact that all the hard work everyone has put into our trip to the east coast is going to show from the students, inside and outside their classes. 

My classmate Mark Bordas and I
*Ring* There goes that end of day bell again. However, this time there was no rushing home. Day two of finals had just been completed and our school was released at 12:35 PM; still 5 hours 25 minutes early for the ILC meeting. After a quick after school work out and run, I headed home ready to see my fellow ILCers once again. 

Orientation was nothing fancy and everyone was given permission to show up in whatever pleased them. Sitting at the lunch tables in Pinole Middle's auditorium, reminded me of when I was in elementary school, eating the same boring lunch my mom packed me. Not long after I arrived and took my seat, my fellow classmate Mark Bordas stepped into the room and sat right next to me. Arriving early gave me the benefit of seeing and greeting my cohort, friends, and school mates who arrived later than me. 

*6:00 PM* Right on the dot, Don began the orientation and started going down his to-dos for the evening. The first half of orientation concluded with all the different cohorts separating and breaking down their individual schedules. Mr. Chan-Law did a great time with managing the time and got through, signatures, our schedule, lodging, food, meet and greets with alumns, and much more with plenty of time to spare. 

The second half of orientation included questions from parents, Don going over what and what is not needed on our trip, and Don addressing the loaner items and the policy for people who use them. Within the short time spent today at Pinole Middle, Don efficiently informed everyone of what they needed to know and answered all questions. Ending earlier than expected, orientation was adjourned at 7:59 PM. The next time I would see my cohort, will be at 4 AM on June 16th at El Cerrito High School, ready to begin our trip. 

A lunch table filled with Don's loaner items 

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