Tuesday, May 26, 2015

One Day Closer...

Today I was delighted to meet my Cornell Cohort at the Extreme Pizza in Hercules. After much planning, we finally met together to bond, As I arrived there at the appropriate time, I saw that most of my cohort was already there. Over joyed from seeing them, I rushed over to give them a hug and greet them. 

When we all finally arrived, we decided to order some food. As we walked up to the cashier to read the menu, Thao and I had a dilemma. Thao and I couldn't read the fine print menu above the cashier. As we terribly strained our eyes to make out the nonsense words ranging from "ragin' rooster" to "wham bham", we found it hilarious when we saw the small menu brochure place neatly against the cash register. When we finally all ordered we sat down and began to discuss our journey that awaits us this summer. 

Mr.Chan-law went over the unset itinerary for the summer. Inventively listening, I began to get more excited about the trip. He told us that we would go to Washington D.C, Pennsylvania, and Atlanta, Georgia to tour a college from each of those locations. After listening, not only was I ecstatic to go to Cornell but I became more invested and interested in going to the different colleges in those various places.

Not only did we discuss our itinerary, we got to know each other better. With out this meet up I wouldn't have known that Stephen and Justice are die-hard baseball fans or that Helen is a soccer player for her school. This meet up gave me the confidence that this coming adventure will be great and that is because I am able to spend it with some of the most amazing people.  

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