Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Extreme Pizza Leading to an Extreme Trip

"I will call you once we finish. See you later!", I exclaimed to my mom as I closed the car door. Quickly I paced into the pizza parlor and laid my eyes on Mr. Chan-Law and Justice. Am I late? No, its only 6:21 PM. As I said my hellos, all of our attention turned towards the Hawks vs. Cavaliers game. 

It was not until Julie walked in, when we became focused and started chit chatting with one another. Even though the game was entertaining, we were there to mingle, not stare at a TV. 

Once Julie walked in, she was followed by Helen, Shanti, and Thao a few minutes later. As we lined up to place our order, we got lucky enough to all step on something sticky on the floor. Eventually, we were able to all get together at one table and chat about our upcoming trip. With Chan-Law guiding us through our upcoming schedule, every now and then we would ask questions or Shanti would share her experiences from last year. 

My Cornell Cohort hard at work, eating pizza.

The pizza arrived and the chattering quieted down and was replaced by chewing. Hands became dirty and napkins were being constantly used. With 7:30 coming near, we all began calling our parents to come pick us up. Surprisingly, my mom was the first to arrive, allowing me to get the chance to shake both Chan-Law's and Justice's hand and give all the ladies "see you later" hugs. Thinking about our trip makes me more and more excited for it to be time to depart from SFO airport. 

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