Thursday, May 21, 2015

Giving a Special Thanks

Today was the day that the whole Ivy League Connection program attended the WCCUSD School Board meeting. Although I was quiet familiar to the surrounding and how the meeting was going to proceed, it always amazes me to see all the cohorts, chaperones, parents, and it's generous supporters all in one room. 

Earlier on, before the board meeting started, all the cohorts were able to mingle and socialize with one another. I was quiet happy due to the fact that this is the first event that I would meet all the cohorts representing themselves all under one roof. There is nothing more satisfying than being able to talk to another who is just as understanding and excited about the opportunity at hand. Seeing old alumni and old friends reminded me of how much fun I will have and all the knowledge I will gain. Meeting new members gave me a sense of confidence in my journey and familiarity to them and myself. 

During the meeting, we would moved up the agenda, therefore being able to present ourselves earlier. Although I was unfortunate to not give the speech, I knew that the School Board Representatives understood our gratitude towards them. Seeing some of the students speak behalf of the program, widened my eyes to the undeniable truth of what this program really does. To put it into short words: it changes student's lives for the better. This program shows students that when it comes to academics the more impossible things to achieve becomes possible. 

Having a chance to witness all the students gratitude, made me realize how important it is to show my gratitude toward those who supported the program as well as the students on their academic journey. I'd like to thank all the sponsors for giving the generous investments into my fellow ILCers future, as well as mine, and  the supporters of the program, which includes all the parents and teachers always encouraging us since day one. Without the School Board and its fine and dedicated members this program wouldn't be able to change our lives, therefore I'd like to show my appreciation toward them by doing what is asked of me when I embark on my journey, which is to learn, to experience, and to give back. 

When I left the premises of the School Board meeting, I couldn't help to feel a sense of accomplishment and determination. I solemnly thought to myself "I will NOT fail, I will succeed. I will make this program and my school proud!" 

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