Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Having a CHEESY Time!

Today was a meet and greet with the Cornell cohort and our chaperone, Alfredo Chan-Law. We all ate at Extreme Pizza in Hercules. To be honest, I live 10 minutes away from the restaurant and decided to take my sweet time strolling to the destination. I walked there, but found myself distracted by Mother Nature. I was thinking that I was going to be the first one there and didn't want to awkwardly there waiting for everyone; however, it was the complete opposite. I was the last person to arrive... I was that person. I found it ironic to be the closest one, in terms of distance, but the latest one. In my defense, the stop light took 2 hours, in reality it was 10 seconds. 

While at Extreme Pizza, Mr. Chan-Law gave us a quick summary of our itinerary for our voyage to the east. I'm looking forward to the campus tours and the knowledge that the trip will teach me. After the informational discussion, we got our food that we ordered earlier. It was funny to see that Helen, Julie, and I all got the same pizza, the Yard Sale. It was stuffed with Italian sausages, salami, olives, cheese, and more onto four fat slices. I was full by the end of my third slice, but had the determination to continue on because it was really good. It was a fun meet and greet and I enjoyed its close proximity. I know that I will be having a blast with the Cornell group; can't wait until the next few weeks!

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