Tuesday, May 26, 2015

The Best Yard Sale Ever

When I arrived at the pizza place, three familiar faces were already seated at a table. Chan-Law came up to greet me with a handshake and I waved at Justice and Stephen behind him. Today we were meeting up with the cohort to discuss plans for the trip. When everyone arrived, we lined up behind the counter and placed our orders. Shanti handed me a fold-able menu. My eyes widened as I skimmed the page. Despite living in Hercules, I've never been to Extreme Pizza so I was taken back by the creative names for pizza. As the others ordered, Helen and I contemplated on whether to order the "Wham, Bam, Thank You Mammoth" or "Screamin' Tomato." We ended up settling for the "Yard Sale" because heaven knows mushrooms are the heart of the pizza.

Justice getting down to business discussing Cooperstown
As we waited for our delicious disks to arrive, Chan-Law ran through the summer plan. We roughly covered the dates and went over the sites we would visit. At each site, everyone had their chance to share their eagerness. Shanti jumped into the conversation at the mention of Georgetown. A satisfied fist pump was earned from Justice at the mention of Cooperstown. Everyone at the table sat up when he mentioned a visit to Niagara falls. Chan-Law proceeded to discuss the housing arrangements and campus life. I would most likely be rooming with someone from outside my Cohort which was exciting news. Although we would be occupied with classes, our cohort would try to meet up twice a week to mingle and catch up. Two weeks ago, I was nervous and excited for the trip. Now I'm full on ready. I have to stop myself from imagining the dorms and scenery in case I let out an excited squeal in the middle of Calculus.

A little after the discussion, everyone had a piping hot plate of tomato covered disk sitting in front of them. While didn't spare another second and dove into our meals. 
The great Yard Sale. Would order again!

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