Thursday, May 21, 2015

A Place for Recognition, Appreciation, and Reflection

Just a few hours ago, the ILCers, including myself, attended the school board meeting at DeJean Middle School. At 5:30 PM I arrived early to the multipurpose room to find my cohort waiting patiently for the rest of the ILCers. For the time being, I  socialized with the the majority of ILCers who will be attending UPenn, Brown, Vanderbilt, Columbia, or Chicago. We energetically discussed about our excitement for their life-changing experience. It was amazing to be able to reconnect with many of my ILC friends that I met during the blog tutorial as well as from the past year. I enjoyed going from person to person asking their name, school, and program that they will be attending this summer. To be honest, I was mainly excited to see the W&L cohort; since I am a past W&L student. I expressed the fun times they will have with the one and only, Dean Almandrez. Once it was getting close to the start of the event, we quickly took our seats with our cohort and waited for the meeting to begin. 

Justice delos Santos
Once the meeting started, it was a good 30 minutes (I think) before Dr. Harder started introducing the Ivy League Connection. First it was Columbia, next Cornell, then Brown, after UPenn, then Vanderbilt, and lastly Chicago. Justice delos Santos was the speaker of Cornell, speaking in behalf of all of us. Throughout his speech, he had impeccable flow, necessary emphasis, and a beautiful tone. His words spoke for all of us, the thanks to the teachers, students, sponsors, families, and "the amazing school board members." I definitely took pride in where I belonged when standing in front of the school board members. I was delighted with Justice's speech, and fell into a world where I took his words into my heart, body, and soul. So, I want to personally want to thank Justice for his major success. 

After the many speeches from the six Ivy League Colleges, we had a guest speaker, a fellow W&L student. When she spoke, I fell into another dimension, losing my track on time, and flowing with her words. I loved, with emphasis on loved, her speech. With the preparation of personal statements in my AP Language and Composition class, I hadn't thought of how to express the beauty of the Ivy League Connection; but she showed me the way. Her speech to the school board made me remember the quote Dean Almandrez once said to us.

"A misinformed people is a subjugated people."- Gloria Anzaldua

Once hearing that quote from the W&L course, I had to reflect on what society is and why I have not realized the truth behind it. Like a mask covering up the hidden treasures, I was the one who did not search for it until I was given the key. So, I would like to thank you as well, because I appreciate the remembrance of my impactful moments at Brown. 

I would like to conclude with what I reflected on today. First the recognition we received from our community. It is always good to refresh how our accomplishments will effect our district. We, the ILCers, are the reflections of the the WCCUSD and we will show with pride the accomplishments we made. Secondly, appreciation. I am grateful for this opportunity, as well as the sponsors' generosity to fund this awesome organization. I can't express with words the many thanks and tears that are within my bottled up body. And lastly reflection. This school board meeting provided a place for me to reflect on my past experience, and how I will make a change to the people and community around me. I will bring back, because what's the fun of the experience it I don't share it with my peers. 

Finally, two last words....thank you. 
Our Fabulous Group Photo

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