Monday, May 18, 2015

A Night To Remember

A memorable San Francisco night began at approximately 5:15 PM at the El Cerrito Plaza BART Station. Once there, I met with my fellow Cornell cohort members and was introduced to the cohort's chaperone, Alfredo Chan-Law. After a brief meeting, our group left the station bound for San Francisco.
One Market Restaurant, San Francisco, CA

Our destination was One Market Restaurant, and once we all arrived safe and sound we met with Ivy League Connection administrators, Cornell Alums, Sponsors, and Board Members. I had the pleasure of speaking to Samantha Berg, who graduated from Cornell in 2009. I spoke with her for much of the night, and she was an endless fountain of knowledge, varying from places to eat at Cornell University, to how to find a college that is right for you. After speaking with Samantha I am very excited to be attending Cornell, and I am also looking forward to my very own college search in just a few years!

During our fabulous dinner, I had the privilege of talking to Steve Kwok. His architectural business works with schools, and I was really happy to learn that he values the suggestions of students for school designs and improvements. His dedication to the environments that students learn in generates the next generation of brilliant minds, and it all comes back to the care of the schools themselves.
My first Ivy League Connection Dinner was a wonderful experience. There are no words to describe the fun, the knowledge, and the dedication that was present tonight amongst everyone. May every student have the opportunity to talk with those who care about their future, and open doors that would otherwise be nonexistent to them.
My Dad, me and Samantha Berg

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  1. What a wonderful experience! And it's only the beginning. Like you, I am deeply grateful that our district offers this program. As you said, it shows our students how much we care about their future. Can't wait to see which door opens next.