Sunday, March 29, 2015

The First Step

No matter if we’re looking at Bill Gates or Albert Einstein, every successful person began with a single step. Today, I took my first.

This Saturday started out like any other—a relaxing jog around the block followed by a session of studying. However this particular morning, I was feeling especially giddy. Every nerve in my body shook with nervousness and excitement as the clock ticked teasingly away. I almost jumped out of my chair when the hands struck noon. It was time to head out to the afternoon IVY league session tutorial.

A few moments after my arrival, I was greeted by the friendly faces of other afternoon students. I was surprised by the warm greeting! Everyone congratulated one another for their success and discussed items which ranged from the most difficult teacher at school to their preference of red vine flavors.

After Don finished scanning the requested documents, we all settled in front of a computer and began the session. Although the forty-three page agenda was intimidating, Don led us through every detail. We were able to pick up some valuable tips on photography and learn the basics of creating a blog. Later, we had the chance to put our knowledge into use through a practice blog. 

As the time to part drew closer, Don switched gears from blogging to traveling. We discussed some important items to pack, how to behave and what to expect on the trip. All the discussion about travel relit the fire, and my anxiousness began to boil once more.

Even though the highlight of my day went by in a wifi-lacking classroom on a Saturday afternoon, this tutorial is more than just a “how to” session. Today I got a glimpse of the road ahead of me. On top of Don’s insightful discussion about dinners and blogging, talking to previous members of this program gave me an insight of the level of intensity the course has in store. Yet today I’ve taken the first step out the door and caught a glimpse of the road ahead of me. The long journey is going to be filled with ups and downs, but I’m excited for the challenges in store! 
Took "the first step" with the afternoon crew!

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