Saturday, March 28, 2015

Technology Troubled Saturday

Early this morning both my sister and I attended Don Gosney's Ivy League Connection tutorial on the summer activities. The event was held at De Anza High School in one of their computer labs. 
De Anza High School hallways
After everyone arrived for the morning session, we were given a very helpful 43 page packet that covered everything from behavior expectations to what to pack for the trip. A key item seems to be an umbrella, which is almost unheard of in California, as we've been in a severe drought for the past few years.

While the day was planned around a computer lab so the group could, well, use computers, unfortunately the internet was sketchy and did not work properly for most of the time. However, we covered basic information about taking photos and how to upload them, as well as necessary items for the summer college trip. After a few phone calls and a new username and password, the group was able to access the internet and practice blogging and using MediaFire to store photos.

After concluding the session at 12:30 PM, I felt prepared and excited for my trip to Cornell University and the weeks leading up to it.

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