Sunday, March 29, 2015

My Journey Begins

At 1 PM the Ivy League held its annual Mandatory Tutorial, which is a hands-on learning experience for students to have a better understanding of certain information that pertains to the program and what is expected of them. 

I was ecstatic to go to the tutorial because of all the other cohort members that I would meet. Its not everyday where one can have the opportunity to meet amazing academic students from other schools. This tutorial allowed me to meet a handful of amazingly smart students, which I am more than grateful to meet.

Although meeting other scholars was quiet peachy, we did have a great deal of information to learn in order to be part of this program. We learned how to blog, take adequate picture for the blog, and some of the necessary items we would need to have for the trip. Hearing this information excited me even more for my upcoming journey to Cornell. 

Today, I took a step closer to my journey at Cornell. I am looking forward to Cornell and what it has to offer. Better yet I'm looking forward to how Cornell will change me and my perspectives. Today tutorial is just one of the many fantastic events that will come my way from being part of this amazing program, for now, I will just cross my hand and wait till their time comes. 
"The PM Tutorial Cool Connectioners Crew"

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