Saturday, March 28, 2015

Day 1 of Many

The moment I  stepped onto the bright concrete of De Anza's brand new campus, I knew today would be a long day. As I casually strolled into the computer lab, I was greeted by my classmate Mark, one of 3 students who had arrived early. By the time 8:30 AM came around, all 18 students were seated and ready to listen to Don.

Don wasted no time and told every student to announce their name, high school, grade, program they are attending, and the name of the college they will be studying at. 

Afterwards, we as a class began to carefully read through the packet Don handed out. Each page was thoroughly and quickly explained by him. Upon completion of most of the packet, Don gave the class a 10 minute break.

Ironically, at the quick pace the class was going, instead of a 10 minute break we ended up having a hour long break. This was due to the lack of wifi and poor internet connection. With a few phone calls made to the head of the Tech Department, the class was eventually able to connect to the internet. 

After the brief delay, Don was able to perform a tutorial on how to blog. Who knew blogging had so many instructions! However, following each and every guideline makes one's blog neat, organized, and professional. 

Since already on the computers, Don introduced everyone to Media Fire, a website that allows photos and videos to be shared. To become better familiar with the content, the entire class took 10 minutes to take pictures and upload them onto Media Fire. 
Majority of the ILCers who attended the morning tutorial

Finally, Don wrapped the tutorial up with an explanation of the items one would need for their trip to the East Coast and many more helpful tips. 

Today, March 28, 2015, was an exceptionally great day. Meeting new students and working along side a few of them makes me even more anxious to begin. 

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